Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Real Women

It is the week before TAKS. (I can hear the jaws theme in my head when I think of this dumb test.)

Needless to say, stress is running high for principals, teachers and students. Today, I was reviewing a TAKS reading passage with a group at my table when another child ran up to me and reported,"Ms. Waggoner! __________ and ____________ said a really bad word!" (I'm going to leave the names of these sweet and innocent girls a secret.)

I didn't really believe that these two accused could have done something of that nature, but I continued with, "And, what word was that?"

The responsible reporter answered,"A-S-S-H-O-L-E".

I nodded and planned to investigate later, though I didn't think it really happened.

I pulled the girls in question into the hallway and began my interrogation.

"Girls, I am receiving reports that you have said an inappropriate word. Why am I hearing that?"

Wide eyes, and silence. THEY WERE GUILTY!

"Did you say it?" I pushed.

They nodded.

"Why did you feel compelled to say something like that?" I was curious now.


Then, one fessed up, "We decided...that if we could say that word... that we would be real women."

LOL... the question is, are YOU a real woman?

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