Monday, December 13, 2010

That One Time There Was A Warrant For My Arrest...

This is the last week of school before Christmas. I'm exhausted and there's a million things to do.  And, to top it all off, I feel like my head is a balloon about to take off. 

After taking the kids to outclass, I checked my email and saw one from my dad titled, "Warrant for your arrest".  The email said nothing, but had an attachment with it.  My father, the technological cowboy, had scanned a letter dated 11-30-10 and emailed it to me (without any sort of questions, scolding, or a lawyer's phone number). He has always warned us about getting thrown in jail-- we would be on our own, and not to make our one phone call to him! I was thankful he let me know I was wanted by the law, for it was in fact, a warrant for my arrest. 

I read the letter ten times before realizing it was real. I don't get service in my school and the letter was from Sulphur Springs, so I walked outside to the playground to call the number and hear what was going on.

The lady told me that this was about a ticket for outdated registration on a random highway October 23, 2004.  Let's just remember that in a few weeks it will be 2011.  Also, the address was my father's. So really, they could have been sending notices all these years and I would never know, because I'm pretty sure my dad hides from his mailbox.  I assured the lady on the phone that I didn't remember any of this, but that if I did, I would have definitely taken care of it!

Kindly, she gave me the number of the Judge in Bronte, TX. Population 1076.  He answered his own phone.  I went into my big spill about how I was sure I was innocent, laying on the sweet talk and "yes sirs" good and thick.  I had to pause for a minute while his computer booted up and he found my case. 

He spoke with a slow, southern drawl, "Miss Waggoner, this was so long ago, and I don't have any proof, and you don't have any proof, I think I'll just take care of this for ya." 

Annnnnd, I am no longer wanted by the State of Texas.  :)

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