Thursday, January 8, 2009


Today the air was crisp and sunny. Inside, I wished it would be stormy. I longed for wind and rain... danger that would make my heart pound. Darkness. I miss the storms of the panhandle. I loved watching a beautiful day like today begin to develop. First, small puffy clouds would float about bathing in the sun. Soon they would clump together, exploding into enormous towers of cotton. I could spend an entire afternoon watching the cells build. Living somewhere flat allowed one to view this process from miles away. Slowly, the towers would begin to darken and join each other. Thunder would roll from a distance like giants jumping around in excitement. The wind would blow softly, waiting for it to happen. Eventually, the storms would arrive and the sky would darken. Rain would pour and wind would howl. I loved when these storms were capable of producing tornadoes. Maybe it was the thrill of the hunt, I'm not sure. I loved being there-- immersed in such power. I am in awe of these storms. Terrified of them. Storms like these scream and yell causing destruction. The kind that are so intriguing and threatening, only an insane person would be watching.


When the rain stops, and the wind is gone, the birds start to fly, the squirrels crawl out of their shelters... the sun comes back out. The grass gets greener. And in the background lies my favorite part. I love the back of the storm. The dark, deep blue that broods in the distance. The worst is over... and everything glows as the sun shines in comparison. I think, life is much this way. My excitement for life storms dims as I endure the destruction. But in the end, I guess I only have to wait for the sun.

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