Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Well, it seems that I took up blogging and then quite suddenly abrupted. Oh well.

I, like many other suckered readers, obsessively read the Twilight series. I will agree that it is a very good read. I felt like the characters were my friends, that my desire in life was to become a vampire, and finally-- that I too was in love with Edward. My my, am I now 15? I had similar problems with the show "Friends"... still to this day I play a season in the background when I'm feeling lonely. I have all 10 seasons.. and have seen them so much that I don't need to view the screen to know what their faces look like. They ARE my friends. :)

Anyway, all of this vampire nonsense got me thinking. I simply MUST be part vampire. Or maybe, another theory could be that teachers are part vampire. If you think about it, we do have superhuman skill when it comes to certain things. I am keenly aware of exactly who is whispering in the corner before I ever look up. Without a glance, I can calmly but quite scarily remind them to keep their voice down. It is quite humorous to catch them when they feel they are very good at getting away with things. I also can move as fast as needed in order to snatch up a note or break up a fight on the playground. And lastly, how easy is it to scare these little munchkins into thinking I'M intimidating? Although, if I'm thinking into fantasy, I suppose I wish I could manifest into a teacher at Hogwarts. How exciting would that be? I could turn them all into pencils! I guess, as exhausted as I am at the end of every day, I can only hope to be something of the super natural- to survive and triumph over 8 year olds.

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