Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hot Tea to the Rescue

As I rounded the corner of my very dark and puddily parking lot, I noticed a car sitting in front of the mail boxes. The street lamp reflected off of the inside displaying a quite silver topped woman. And, although I could not hear her, she appeared to sneeze so hard she thrust forward and could have doubled as a rear ended car wreck victim. Sigh. How tired she must be getting home this time of night. Not to mention, a sneeze like that would wear you out. I parked the jeep and carried my very tired self to the door where I proceeded to prove my tiredness by turning the key the other way, thus locking my door. For about thirty seconds I couldn't understand why in the world my door wouldn't open! Such as my day.  Now as I sit with my favorite coffee cup full of chamomile tea, my inhaler and other things that keep me alive in my high pollen infected state(yeah I'm a total nerd), I realize how much I wish the day were longer.  Cold eggs in the morning in an attempt at protein for breakfast, a meeting gone long and popcorn for lunch, and finally - crackers in bed for a supper suffice. Sitting in bed proves to be the only personal time of my day, where ironically it should be filled with sleep. The morning haunts  me just hours away; however, I choose to hug my coffee cup and read stories filled with fantasies to please my imagination and pull me away from any sense of normalcy. Then I'm off to sleep after a page and half when my eyes are too heavy to lift open. Ready to start the day over again tomorrow, living the dream. 

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Michelle said...

there's not much hot tea, in bed, in a longaberger mug won't fix! was wishing we were visiting over coffee in jammies this morning. miss you!