Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Tuesdays are long. I go to work, work late, work out and make it home around 6:45. This gives me time for a quick pick up around the house and then take Hurley on a walk. Then, a group from church comes over. They are generally mildly annoyed by Hurley. Ok, mildly is putting it mildly. Hurley just thinks that they are his best friends who came over to see him. He licks and jumps on them. I tried giving him a raw hide bone, but that did not suffice. So, even though he had been a captive for nearly 12 hours, I put him back in his kennel while they were here.

After they left, I couldn't WAIT for a hot bath. You know the kind I'm talking about. Just a hair too hot, so all your muscles relax. And even though you ration bubble bath like food in a concentration camp, there's just enough scent to be euphoric. It was PERFECT. Finally, a break.

The door opens.

Did I mention Hurley has figured out how to open doors? A new trick. He scampered in there and perched his front legs on the side of the tub while wagging his tail. His head poked up over the side. This is somewhat normal, so I talked to him and left it alone.

The next thing I know I am being splashed in the face by his slimy bone catapulting into my luxurious, stress-relieving bath!



Michelle said...

ohhhh urrley! i know exactly what you mean, but i feel that way about thursdays, and it's not a puppy bone in my bath, it's two little hands wanting to "wash you, momma!"

how wonderful a slightly too-hot bath sounds right now!

here's hoping for a relaxing and good wednesday!

shoebox007 said...

Hahahaha my cat loves baths.......she will join you.....it doesnt really matter who you are. She is either in the water with you, or trying to get your toes that are barely sticking out.

Good thing hurley is there to make sure you dont fall asleep in the bath!