Sunday, September 20, 2009

Who's Your Daddy?

This was title of the sermon this morning. It's message simple: Who's your daddy? Who's your boss?

Jokingly I tell people the reason I became a teacher was because I liked being "the boss". And is it ever fun! I get to say when things happen, how they happen (well somewhat) and who they happen to. I am in complete control-- they ask ME. When I say jump, they say, "Frog hops or like we're jumping rope?" Being in control is euphoric. Like running. You move your feet one before the other and you breath air in and out. And, you move from one place to another-- you're making it happen. Perhaps that's why I like living by myself. Typically I am a neurotic neat freak and give everything a place. (Tonight, however, I decided to not wash clothes or take out the trash. My actions aren't affecting anyone except Hurley, and he likes dirty clothes.)

We wake up, we put on our faces, we go to work, we go to the grocery store, we go to the gym. We live a life in control. And, it's not until that control is taken away that we realize we're not.

This week I'm going to attempt to not be driven by my own "boss" (and see what happens).

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Michelle said...

i too, like being in charge. and things don't always go my way since having clara, can you believe that? ;)

i hated to miss out on our phone date on saturday, but you were correct in your assumption of baby in bed and daddy working. only i was reading new moon in the tub while drinking chocolate milk! it's kinda a crazy week, but we'll catch up soon!

p.s. i'm always praying for you, love!