Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'd Pay 99 Cents

This marks the second time in four days that I have draped my favorite jeans over the banister to dry.  Twice I have driven through a silent but deadly type of monsoon that caught me off guard.  Isn't that why God invented thunder? To warn us about rain? Why isn't he using it??

Tis a transportational hazard. 

Hear me out, I am an advocate for Hurricane Season. It's my second favorite season. After March Madness, that is. :)

I propose that someone create a Jeep App. 

The icon would be a yellow jeep covered in mud. I mean really, would you want another color besides yellow? :)

The app could use GPS technology to locate the driver and hopefully the driver's open jeep.  If a big dark rain cloud was to suddenly appear, the trusty jeep app would use it's radar sensing skills and simply alert you to cover your jeep.  "Get your top on!" would flash across your screen and play, "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.

And maybe on sunny days, you could click on it to check the radar and it would say,  "All Clear. Rock on!" You know, with a little smiley sunshine guy with sunglasses, and a thumbs up... real cute like.

And maybe in the winter time, when all jeep drivers are depressed, there could be a countdown until the first day of spring.  With a little sad smiley face bundled up in a jacket. "Too Cold for the Road. 23 days till Spring." 

Think of the possibilities: options to buy jeep gear, off road maps, driving dry-- away from sneaky dark rain clouds....

Just sayin.  I'd pay 99 cents. 

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