Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Why Wasn't I Born a Vegetarian?

I love all of my students, they are really a lot of fun and keep me laughing. But, there's something about students who need a little extra attention that keep me laughing and engaged. I have a little friend who loves dinosaurs. And when I say love, I mean love. We've had some conversations in the past week that I couldn't help but giggle at.

- "Why did the dinosaurs have to die???? What did they ever do to deserve being extinct???"

- "I don't know why I wasn't born a vegetarian."
"Are you a vegetarian?"
"So, you're a meat eater?"
"Like a dinosaur?"
"Well, not all of them."

- "Why aren't you writing down the thoughts you have on your book?" Me, asking him to get back on task.

"Well, about that. I don't really have any thoughts."

- I took up a dinosaur from him in the morning and put it in my desk. After recess, I sent him inside on an errand and he never returned. I found him in the classroom looking for "Chomp" just to "Make sure he was ok."

- My teaching parnter, the math teacher had filled the kids in on what was in the class store on Fridays. Here's what was said to me following.

“I can’t wait till Friday.”
“Because, well, try not to freak out about this, but you know those stickers you give us? “
“Yeah, I do.”
“Well, those send us straight to a store! And sometimes you can get dinosaurs- like that one you took from me?”
“Yeah, I remember. You better be working hard for those stickers!”


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