Sunday, October 10, 2010

Me N Jesus: Carpenters

Wanna know what Me and Jesus have in common? Carpentry.

It all started with one little project here... and one little project there... and why don't you make jewelry? Or start quilting? 

My "craft" closet it as the top of my stairs and I have been lugging heavy supplies down to the coffee table for easy crafting... but even so, my back would be killing me about halfway through.  The solution: I need a craft table!

Saturday after breakfast with the fam, I made a visit to Hobby Lobby to pick up one of the many items I need for my quilting class, and saw Home Depot next door.  Before I knew it, I was wandering around the lumber section when a burly looking Harley-ridin old man came up to me wondering what I was doing.  He had a lot of facial hair, red and bushy, and a long skinny pony tail with about 15 rubber bands holding it together.  It swayed when he walked.  He reminded me of bad-boy-Santa. 

I explained that I was needing a work table for crafts and that I wasn't sure what I was doing... He was very kind and led me to the back of the store where sure enough, treasure waited at the end!

Who knew they did this! Apparently after cuts are made, they have a bin filled with scraps for, that's right, 51 cents! After a few cuts, advice from the sweet Home Depot men, and FIVE dollars later, I was out the door and on the road to my next stop...

Ok, so you have to be creative when loading a jeep with scraps of wood. There was some flapping down the freeway. :)

Here's the "Before".  Thanks to Dad's visit in March, I have my own cordless drill-- which is so fun to use!

An hour or two later.... it's put together with only one crooked leg! Yay!

Sanded and primed with gray primer... ignore the ugly towels down below.

So this is the top of the table. I took several sheets of scrap booking paper, tore them up and pasted them down on top of the primer using Modpodge. Then, I put a thick glaze and spray sealant.  I LOVE it! It's perfect for artsy things, and who cares if it gets a few cuts here and there?

I painted the rest of the table a shade of green that I have on some of my walls. It's called, "Grape Leaf"... and I love it.

On the sides of the legs, I did some experimenting with finger paints... it's supposed to look like zebra stripes and leopard spots... There's always extra green if I decide this look stinks.

Finished!! It's a perfect height for stand up or sitting down.  It's the home of my borrowed, Old-As-The-Hills sewing machine, and great for all of the projects I have going!

Okay, so maybe I don't know about being a real carpenter, but I had a lot of fun with that drill. 
Happy Sunday!


Kandy said...

very impressed!!!!!

Michelle said...

have i really not commented on this yet? i've 'oooh' and 'awwe'd over it at least 3 times. can't wait to see it in person, you domestic goddess you!

Dana said...

You go, girl! Can't wait to hang out tonight. :)