Sunday, October 3, 2010

Ohhhh What Did I Get Myself Into??

The women in my family have sewn and quilted probably forever.  I decided to take a beginners quilting class with my Mama Joy (who has no business being in there) to learn the trade and carry on the tradition. 

The class is 4 hours every Sunday afternoon, and is so far very helpful.  However, I am concerned about a few things: my bank account, my fingers (those blades are sharrrrp!), screwing up!

Today in class we went over some of the basics, picked out fabric, and got homework-- which I think I can handle. I need to cut my first two blocks before next week.  The other part of the homework, which I'm nervous about, is to prove we can sew a quarter inch seam.   Ohhh all these straight lines are the devil.  I'm going to be getting some tutoring sessions from my aunt to make it through. 

All in all, I'm excited about learning how to quilt, and about the end product-- a little throw quilt! Oh, and I LOVE my fabric. 

Here are some day 1 pictures: 

Here we are before we got started. Sorry, Mama Joy, your eyes were closed!

 Here are the fabrics I picked out! Here's a code for the picture below: Flower fabric will be the small pink flowers below.  The yellow fabric will be the yellow below, the dark green will be the dark pink below, and the black will be the green below. The turquoise is going to be my backing and binding on the side.

We are making a sampler quilt like this one. I am adding 2 more squares at the bottom...

Wish me luck!

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Michelle said...

good luck! it's going to look amazing!