Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Modern Day Mary Poppins

If anyone is wondering, I have tried whole wheat crackers with the turkey meatloaf, and it's not near as bad! I actually think I'll make it through the week. 

I was not aware Houston had a monsoon season, yet sure enough, it does! Yesterday I went to a workout class at the gym not far from my house. The clouds were low and it was misty, but I had looked at the radar and felt I had time to workout before the storm came. My tarp was protecting my jeep, and I was good to go! After the class I walked outside and it was sprinkling. I made it!! So I thought. I got in my jeep and pulled out to the road just as it started raining harder... oh no! I turned around and went towards a route with less stops. If I kept driving, I wouldn't get wet.  Well, as it happened, I hit a red light. The rain intensified as if laughing in my face. I had trash bags covering the seat, but was getting drenched. It was hard to see. Under my seat was a purple umbrella... hmm... it might work. I popped it open and put it over me while I sat at the red light. Victory!! I was not getting wet for a bit, but looked rather ridiculous in the rain.. in a yellow jeep... with a purple umbrella poking out.  It worked until I gained speed and the umbrella almost blew away. I yanked it back in, closed it up and just tried to get home as fast as I could.  I made it home dripping wet just in time for the monstrous storm that caused all the schools to be cancelled! You do what you've gotta do to survive, even if you get laughed at.. and I'm SURE I did. 

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Michelle said...

LOVE this story! wish i could have been there to see. you are so inventive and resourceful!

how soon till you get to come? i'll clear my calendar, stock up on tais (twa?) and get excited!

oh, today's zach big day. say a little prayer for him!