Sunday, January 10, 2010

"I'm Feelin a Little Naked Up Here"

This is the phrase my preacher uses when he's feeling "alone" on a topic. He'll say, "I'm feelin a little naked up here, can I see some hands? An Amen?" Usually everyone giggles and then shows the appropriate participation.

I say that to say, I'm feelin a little naked, here! Sometimes in this big city it is hard to find Christian support in friends. I am learning more and more that the people I associate with do not believe in God. Some will try to convince me of their beliefs, and some will just live the way they are and not drag me in it. These are the people that have really been on my heart lately. I don't know if it's our society today that creates young adults to feel self-sufficient and bullet proof or not, but we do. We THINK we do. We want to wear what we want, say what we want, eat what we want-- and have no consequences for it. Some of us pride ourselves in planning. Planning gives us a false sense of control in regard to what's out there. I am exhibit A.

I am a mere couple of weeks into January and already I feel that this year presents heavy challenges. Every one of my bills has gone up this year, and there's a new one that I didn't even know about! Talk about bubbles bursting. I'm feelin a little naked, here! Has anyone else seen this problem? Unexpected raises in bills, but no unexpected or expected raises in pay? Any planning that I had done for this year has rapidly declined.

I think in times like these God carves us into the people he needs us to be. These cuts aren't easy to take or pleasant to endure.

This year I am hoping that my focus can be on things above and not on those on earth. Or, in what applies to me: That I can pay my bills and give to those in need without shopping for new clothes and shoes! In truth, I know I am not "naked" here. There IS a God. He lives. He loves. And He'll get us through.


Danny and Heidi said...

AMEN! :)

michelle said...

love this post. and love you!

2010 will be quite lean at our house too, but i know we'll all make it. we'll just have to channel our inner cereal-eating, no heating in the house, dirty-hair college girl!

p.s. lots of cute, God-loving boys in abilene. i'm just sayin....