Sunday, January 31, 2010

February... what?

I can't believe I'm already turning the page on my calendar.
January brought many things...
- The "hard freeze" we barely survived. (Houston, overreact about weather much?)
- Haiti.
- Higher Bills :(

Those things aren't very happy. But January also brought Michelle's Baby Ben, who I simply cannot wait to meet and squeeze. :)

And let's not forget what we get to look forward too: March. (I overlook February generally... it's shorter and by now you are ready for spring)

March is a great month... here's why:

- March Madness (If you love me, you will buy me a ticket to go be a real cameron crazie at a home DUKE game. :) Pretty Please...I'll paint myself blue and jump up and down)
- Spring Break- Break out the sunscreen and put away the coats
- St. Patrick's Day- my favorite. Who doesn't love the luck of the Irish? And Green is a great color!
- Planet Earth: Life on the Discovery Channel... get excited, folks, it's gunna be good.
- Not to mention, it's the start of Jeep Weather here in the south.

So there you have it. I'm leaving bills and the cold in my rear view mirror and looking ahead for greener pastures. (Literally.)

I have some friends in Haiti right now dealing with the real stuff. Say a prayer for them. If you want to donate or follow their efforts, tune in here: or

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