Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I'm here to tell you what bliss is.

Exhaustion. That's right. When I look at a baby sleeping, I think to myself, "Man, that's the life." I think the reason they look so relaxed though, is because they were tired to begin with.

I had a few friends over last night to watch some good and trashy TV. We stayed up late, and I had to get up early. Today, I sat through a training, ran a few errands (in 100 degree heat, jeep, no top... can we say SWEATY?), then went to the teacher center where I bumped elbows with the rest of tired and last minute mad women who teach... needless to say, I am worn out and not one child has even set foot in my classroom.

To avoid the inevitable burn out, I took a long, hot, bubble bath and sat in my big comfy chair, reading. That's right. No trashy TV, no music. Just a lamp and my book.

I read "The Scarlet Thread" by Francine Rivers. At first I wanted to throw it in the freezer (Joey. Friends. Google it.) I couldn't understand why anyone would want to read something so depressing... so real. Interestingly enough, my day paralleled with the book. It depicts the lives of two women, separated by time, who go through struggles in life, eventually finding their peace in the Lord. They actually become grateful for the horrible things that happen in their lives, because they are able to appreciate God and see the good he has given us.

Food for thought.

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Michelle said...

1. have you gotten your hair cut yet? can't wait to see pictures.

2. thinking about you, one week till school starts, yes?

3. haven't read that francine rivers book yet. did you buy or borrow?

4. i may not be able to come labor day weekend...which makes me very, very sad. zach is in a wedding the next weekend, and our babysitters will be worn out. a weekend in october maybe?

5. miss you!