Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer, where did you go?

Well, I can't believe it's over. I feel like school just let out, and here I am getting ready to start up again! It was a good break... here are a few things you missed:

1. I was Rahab for VBS. Yeah, I played a prostitute, wore big, fake eye lashes and sang/danced to "Single Ladies" in church.

2. I drove from Houston to Denver in one day. That's right. ONE DAY, people.

3. I read several books... Emily Ever After, Consider Lily, The Help, Sarah's Key, and of course, Stephenie Meyer's new Bree Tanner book. While it was a good read, as I am a twilight fan, the book of the group that I would recommend is The Help. It's set in the 60s in Jackson, Mississippi. It's the story of change during the civil rights movement. I couldn't put it down and loved the author's use of voice when switching from different perspectives. You all need to read it!! The book release I am looking forward to is Mockingjay, the third book in The Hunger Games series. (I feel like I'm on reading rainbow. Just read the books, they're great.)

4. I spent time in Dimmitt with my dad, Lubbock with my Aunt, Roscoe with my cousin, Abilene with my dear friend, drove through Hurricane Alex, and landed in Port O'Connor for the fourth of July where I was stopped by a policeman while riding on a fourwheeler with my brother's girlfriend. Good times. The visits were wonderful, but I was glad to see my home again!

5. I ate too much, including many chicken fried steaks and trips to Bueno. I spent too much, including shoes, clothes, items on the 80% off isle at Hobby Lobby and things for my classroom, a never ending list.

6. I saw a few movies, Eclipse, Inception and Salt. All were great! I particularly loved Inception and have been thinking a lot about it. Anyone want to explain their theory on the ending?? I have thoughts..

7. I've been very crafty. I made new longer necklaces, bangles, magnets, clipboards, and curtains! (Pictures below!)

8. In the coming month I will start school, hopefully lose the X number of pounds I gained on my little jaunts across the state, get a hair cut, and submit a draft of a children's picture book for publishing!

9. Which leads me to number nine. I am taking a writing course to help me be a better writing teacher... and it helps you become a better writer too. Part of the process is attempting to get published. Monday I send off a draft of a picture book to a publisher. I am wanting my friend, Jessalyn to be my illustrator. She's fantastic. She also does photography... if any of you need someone good. :)


(Wish us luck and even say a little prayer!)

10. Summer, I'm sad to say goodbye, see you in a year!

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Kandy said...

SOOO impressed!! I WANT one of each..clipboard, necklace, bangle, and one cute classroom just like yours!