Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sharing Secrets

It's the little things, right?

So, my downstairs toilet started running nonstop in like July. I know, it's January...but I can't afford expensive house repairs, so I ignored this problem and tried not to use that toilet. Well, after months of this, the toilet began to stain. No matter how long I left bleach to soak and scrubbed till my arms were sore, those ugly brown stains wouldn't go away. When people came over, I had to convince them that I truly do clean my bathroom.

Today has been a very productive Saturday. I was cleaning said toilet bowl when I decided enough was enough! I put down the scrubber and lifted the back lid off of the tank. I felt around, and suddenly it stopped running! I found the misbehaving part, tightened a screw, and would you know, that toilet works like new!

Although, it still looked like crap. Literally.

Here's a shot taken after soaking in bleach and lots of scrubbing. Yuck!

I told my aunt Lisa about all of this, and she recommended a product. I immediately went to find it and tried it out as soon as I hot home.

2 minutes later...

Look at that shiny clean bowl! It took hardly any scrubbing this time!

Curious about my miracle product?

Hiding our in the Dollar Store... For ONE DOLLAR.

Seriously. Works better than Lysol or clorox bowl cleaners... And way cheaper.

At the end of this adventure, my toilet flushes normally and sparkles with pride.

I apologize for those revolted by toilet pictures, but if you can't get excited over clean toilets, what's the point of dealing with daily crap? :)

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Dana said...

I MUST go purchase this right now!