Thursday, June 18, 2009

Boom De Clap De Clap

On the last night of Uplift there is a camp slide show consisting of shots from the entire week.  The lights are off and every time someone is on the screen, their respective youth group yells to show support.  Bammel's youth group had glow sticks and each time a member of their youth group was on stage, they stood and swung their various glowing colors, screaming madly the entire time.  (We were all quite a bit jealous of this. Where were our glowing sticks??)   

Sitting between Josh and John, I had many laughs.  After about the 6th light show from Bammel, John yells, "Blessed are the meek!" 

Josh is concerned at this and says, "Those can be used as projectile." 

John's rebuttal, "I now declare war on Bammel!" 

Some time passes and all sponsors are called on stage for thank yous. Bammel rises, wave their cheering light sabers and call wildly.  

As we walk up, John says, "It's about time I got some glow stick action."  

While on stage we endured screams at bright lights.  The entire week we have heard and used the slogan, "My name is ___________ and God loves me."     

I'll end with John's version,   "My name is John, and God loves Bammel."  

As a disclaimer to those who are offended by this post: We love Bammel... so much in fact, we want to be just like them.  So, Payton... Taylor... Courtney... and any others... no harm intended.  Loves only.  

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Sevahn said...

John is hilarious! Haha! Try watching scary movies with him. That one we watched with the demon goat was the most hilarious film of all time solely due to John's commentary!