Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Top 10 Reasons I love Camp Blue Haven

This week I am in Arkansas for Uplift. There's something about church camp that makes me think of my very own....   

My Top 10 Reasons for loving Blue Haven: 

10.  The Spring (if it ever rains enough) 

9.  Basketball during rec (minus getting hurt and the gay boot). 

8. The hour of rest -- Amen? 

7.  Mail Call (no one sends snail mail anymore!) 

6. Honey if you love me, smile.  (And the boys wooing the girls) 

5.  Hobo dinners (minus poison ivy)

4. Praying all day long... holding hands during each prayer.. and the ability to strategically place yourself next to someone cute. 

3. Hermit's Peak  (honey and peanut butter sandwiches and a nap under a tree) 

2. Marty Baker (My complete friend and Scraper King) 

.... DRUM ROLL  

1. T L C.    :)  (and everything that came with it... ) 

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