Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sooo Not the Plan

Well, many of you that know me realize that this weekend was a bit full.  Perhaps that's the understatement of the year? 

My weekend is starting on Thursday, simply because I'm a teacher and I can do that in the summertime. 

Lessons Learned: 

1. Do laundry every week, instead of a bunch of laundry all at once. 

2. Don't procrastinate when you make necklaces. 

3. Toddlers need sleep.  

4. Adults need sleep. 

5. You know the french fries are good when grease spots seep through the paper bag... 

6. Midnight movies interfere with sleep. 

7. Brothers like crude humor. 

8. It's funny to you too... 

9. Family breakfast at the compound is worth it no matter how tired you are or how much you have to do. 

10. Pack a few days before leaving for a trip... 

11. Starbucks coffee is like a drug and will make life happier. 

12. The EZ tag is one of the best inventions ever. 

13. If you have a concert in your car while you're driving, the trip goes much faster. 

14.  Old friends make life worth living. 

15. You can't be in two places at once. 

16. You can't be best friends with married boys. 

17. Driving round trip in a day makes for a long day. 

18. Your puppy will still love you even after being alone for 13 hours. (don't turn me in, he had water and food) 

19. A mag lite and shoes will give the you bravery needed to go outside and flip the breaker at 2:00 am. 

20. You don't need a man, you can fix the air conditioner yourself! 

21. Learn to turn your phone off when you go to sleep. 

22. A wad of paper towels will grab puppy poop without it really feeling like it. 

23. You need stamps to mail a letter. 

24. 12:00-3:00 is an unnecessarily hot time to have a bbq in Houston. 

25. 50 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment. 

26. Cousins are most special. 

27. Sweat will ruin make up, hair and any good smells. 

28. Be sure to empty coolers before picking them up. 

29. Southwest will call you if your plane is delayed.

30.  12 year olds are a rare breed. 

31. People should not sing opera on planes. 

32. 7 minutes is enough time to change planes. 

33.  Sending a charter bus to retrieve 3 people is a little extreme. 

34. There should be clear exit signs for charter buses and their drivers. (Maybe neon flashing ones that leave nothing to question or speculation)

35. Parking levers can be manually moved up without the purchasing of a ticket. 

36. They come right back down before a charter bus can drive through. 

 I'm in the land of bare feet, kissin cousins and Bill Clinton. GET ME OUT OF HERE!

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Sevahn said...

I was catching up on my blog reading list and I am CRACKING UP! You are HILARIOUS! :) I miss you...seeing as I haven't seen you in about a month. Can't wait for you to come back! Enjoy Ireland though. And definitely enjoy that amazing European weather. Today the heat index was 110...ew.