Friday, July 17, 2009

10 Honest Truths

Michelle did this and I thought I would do the same!

Ok, let's face it. I'm a teacher who should be cleaning her house right now... but instead, playing on the internet! Ok, here goes:

The Rules:

- Tell your readers 10 honest things about you that they may not know.

- Tag 10 bloggers to do the same.

1. I am terrified of spiders.

2. I love natural disasters and am a little disappointed if the destruction is minimal.

3. If I get desperate enough, I will pour chocolate chips into a peanut butter jar and eat with a spoon.

4. I have photo albums in chronological order from birth. I update them every six months with every single picture I have taken. You are probably in some of them.

5. I almost never wash my car. And my hair is rarely clean either.

6. I spanked my one pound puppy.

7. They had to give me Valium when I got my wisdom teeth pulled. I hate the dentist.

8. I get a sense of satisfaction in crumbling egg shells before throwing them away.

9. I am addicted to coffee, chocolate, reorganizing and checking my email.

10. I don't believe in ghosts, love at first sight or global warming.

So there you have it. And, I'm not sure any of my few readers will actually do this, so I'm not tagging anyone. :)

1 comment:

Michelle said...

LOVE this list and LOVE you!

I am especially jealous of all the pictures and all the chronological ordering. and I totally agree with the dirty car and dirty hair!!

can't wait to see you!