Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Emerald Isle...

My iPhone didn't know how to post pictures... so here goes it on the computer!

I am standing in front of a castle-- those were close to the best part about this place.

Ireland is very green!

This is the Irish National Stud... he is a very expensive racehorse bred all over the world.

And these are the cliffs of Moher. They were beautiful!


Ireland was a wonderful place to visit. You've gotta love a country that believes in magic and loves to have a good time. Our plane ride home was just about as interesting as the one over! An Irish woman with 4 children (yes, four) got on the plane. Before take off, the kids were running amok and concerning passengers left and right. For the duration of the 7 hour flight, the mother would yell, "Miley! Sit down, Miley!! Miley!!!" (Please reread that with a hoarse Irish accent) Then she would yell, "Geri! Geri! Shut up, Geri!" HA! Just what I had been thinking! It didn't do any good. Each child visited the bathrooms at least 37 times each. They jumped around and bumped into passengers, all the while the mother screamed their names. At one point she leaned over and tried to spank them with her ear phones. They snuck into first class and rattled everyone's cage. One of them hid from his mother for about 10 minutes. She wasn't too concerned. Before landing in New York, this ill equipped mother changed each of the children into rather cute matching outfits for their arrival. Then, she proceeded to go to the bathroom to change herself. Who was watching the children? Good question.

After a 7 hour lay over in New York we finally made it back to Houston. I'm pretty sure I could hear, "Geri!!! Shut up, Geri! GERI!!!!!!!!!" in my sleep. Irish talking, of course.

It's good to be back, I love the USA.

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