Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Big Bad Wolf

"Dear Ms. Waggoner,
Good Luck. I hope everybody in yur klas pasis Taks so you do not git fired!" Love, Kindergarten

Today, during and after the test I saw:

* A little girl finding a sticky note and turning it into an origami basket of some kind. Perfectly content.

* A little boy with 15 Kleenexes covering his watery eye.

* A little cheerleader inspecting split ends.

* An OCD boy checking and rechecking and rechecking his work. Not a mark out of place for that one.

* A very cute boy sneezing loudly and drawn out, "A-HUH-HA-HUH-HA-HUM!!!!!!!!!"

* A sleeping boy with a near waking snort. I poked him in the arm for a few minutes without success in waking him.

* A drama queen playing with the tie on her shirt. A bow. A bandit. A bird. A ribbon. ADD.

* An innocent sitting perfectly still and quiet.

* A wild one silently twisting in a little blanket and then flopping out of his chair and onto the floor bringing both the chair and desk with him. Then standing, giving me a look of regret and shock.

* Giggles from those around him, including me.

* A significantly quirky one taking his shoes on and off. On and off. On and off.

* A sweet one smiling through glasses and missing teeth.

* An annoyed one sighing impatiently. *Sigh*

* A bored child half hidden by her sweatshirt hood, batman style.

* A clever boy making eyes at the others. I make them back.

My precious children. Nerds, every last one of them. I'm glad that test is over. :)

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