Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Obsessions

I enjoyed spring break for all of its glory. I was pretty lazy, actually. And, here I am back in the crazy routine of real life. (Until Summer, that is. )

Now that things are back to normal, the stress has also returned. I decided to try something new in my classroom to calm the kids down. I've started playing a variety of music during class and while they are working. I change it periodically to match my ever changing mood. The sound sprinkles down from the projector speaker and sometimes I imagine they are little geniuses working on their masterpieces. I go from classical symphonies to classical piano.. and beyond. This leads me to tell you about my new favorite website: It's pretty phenomenal. You create your own radio stations! No buffering.. (I hate that).. and no commercials or DJs! All you have to do is type the artist in and it does the magic. (Maybe I'm behind the times and everyone actually already knows about this, but whatever.) I am currently enjoying a few stations I created. I love George Winston. He plays piano and the site added other artists that are similar to him. A new one I am loving is Doug Burr. That station left me feeling calm and happy inside. :)

Along with my varying music, I have changed the background on my desktop to match. It projects on the wall for the kids to see. I pretend I am Ellen, I guess. Today is a pond with lots of green grass and bright flowers. Yay Spring!

It's funny how little things in life can make your day better! I wish everything could be as instantly gratifying as a website that creates a radio station for your exact liking!


shoebox007 said...

I LOOOVE pandora. It and "The Verge" on XM. IF i could get xm and pay for ONLY that station, I would so do it.

They introduce me to new and wonderful music all the time. Who knew I'd be such a Canadian music fan? :)

I want your townhouse, mkay? I just resigned at my apartment...but I want your townhouse instead.

Michelle said...

miiissss yyyooouuu!