Friday, March 6, 2009

Colors, Coffee and Cheese

I've come to notice a problem I have with making simple decisions. Someone can ask me a seemingly easy question, such as what's my favorite color, and I honestly can't tell them the answer. On any given day my favorite color might be different. Does that mean I am having an identity crisis? I'm not sure. Some days I love red. Other days I love blue. And yes I even love brown. Today, I'm crazy for green. I'm noticing it everywhere and find myself wishing I was a character in Harry Potter or living in a tropical rain forest. Maybe my color changes have to do with my mood of the day.

I also have a problem with Cheese. I LOVE cheese. I dream about queso and eat cheese on crackers- but I have some issues as well. I like a grilled cheese sandwich, but don't put cheese on my hamburger. I like cheese on a taco, but if it's on a breakfast burrito it makes me gag. I like it on pizza, chili, and salad-- but don't put it on an omelet. I have to have it on my baked potato, but don't want it in my potato soup. So there you have it. Issues.

And lastly, here's where this causes problems. This morning I decided to treat myself to Starbucks. This week has been long and exhausting, I'm out of milk, and if you have a gift card, why not? The drive through line was outrageous at 7:00 am, so I got out and went inside. The atmosphere in that place was so carefree, it lifted my spirits and sent me into a good mood. The music was chipper and the workers were smiling and quick to serve. I saw people everywhere drinking coffee, reading the paper and talking. What a great way to start the day! Sometimes I wish I owned a cute little coffee shop with a variety of coffees and teas. I would include homemade pumpkin bread and muffins (but only the tops, because that's the best part). The shop could be decorated with cool artwork of all kinds and comfortable chairs and couches. And of course, I would need a place for live rising bands to visit on their quest for stardom. I think about these things and sometimes wish I could explore them instead of teach. But without fail I know that I would end up missing the kids, the teachers and the love I have for my job.

I would like to have clear cut decision-making skills, but maybe it's better this way. My options are out there and whatever happens- wearing an orange shirt, cheese or no cheese-I will be happy. :) And maybe when I retire I will have a knick-knacky little coffee place resembling Hogwarts and a rain forest.


Michelle said...

love this post!

1. i have the same problem with my favorite color...i love to decorate in red, love to wear black, but brown and gold have to be my favorite. brown and gold aren't great 'favorite colors' though...

2. you don't like cheese on omelets? i love cheese, but never get it on burgers either!

3. a section of funky pearl will have to be a coffee shop where you can listen to live music and make the jewelry customers just bought in the shop. perfect!! plus we can go over anytime and fill our longaberger mugs with yummy, fresh, flavored coffee because we're the bosses.

love you!

shoebox007 said...

Shredded cheese with eggs kinda makes me gag. but if its that kraft sliced cheese just sitting on top and not mixed in, I like it.
Other than that, I give cheese a thumbs up no matter the setting.

And do your coffee shop!!!! I'm gonna have a pub later on. dark inside, chill, fun. :)