Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Funky Pearl

Michelle and I have gotten our creative juices flowing and decided on our future. Eventually we will both live in the same town, drink coffee all morning and have a booth at Canton filled with a variety of goodies. You know the usual: big baby bows, old wooden signs, jewelry, and anything we can get aunts and mothers to embroider. :)  We would like to be known as: THE FUNKY PEARL. Here are a few necklaces I have made recently.  

                                                     I made this one to match a dress I had. 
                                 This should be right side up, but technology didn't cooperate. 
                                                         The Lindsay - big red. 
                                                         For Melissa 
                                                      Sassy and Fun 
                                                                   Best Friends 
                                                 This one was a big hit- made for my Mama. 
                                                    Love. Love. Love. Red. 

I love and miss my sweet friend who got me into such a fun hobby! 


Michelle said...

i love and miss you! i can't wait for the day that the funky pearl is an everyday, coffee, crafty things, our own i long for that day!

so glad the taks is over! phew! i said little prayers for you and your little class all day. oh, and i've got some news. call later?

Sevahn said...

Like the new look of your blog! Also, love the red necklace. You are gifted! :)