Friday, March 13, 2009

The Witching Hour

Well the weather contradicts the break and reflects my mood. Ironically this serves as one of my favorite types of weather. I love dreary dark clouds full of rain. I love wearing ugg boots and jeans, marching around in chilliness. Minutes away from spring break- yes SPRING- my skin is crawling. Because of the brooding TAKS test, teachers and children alike have been a bit ... unruly. Because of the rain we had inside recess. Because of inside recess the kids can't sit still. The witching hour. I got the term from my dear friend, Michelle. And does it ever hold true. The past hour as we all anticipate the arrival of freedom, teachers are snapping and kids are loosing all control. Will the bell EVER ring? I've eaten a blue cupcake and my fingers are stained from the icing. Who wants to listen to me anyway? I say, "sit down. Sit Down. SIT DOWN. SIT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And alas, I am saved. The bell sounded and I am sending these darlings into the damp cold to be dealt with by their parents. And I am off the hook for days. DAYS OF FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

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Whitney said...

YAY for spring break. I wish you were coming to New Mexico with us!